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  About Ani Engineers  

Today when we look around efficiency in industrial processes play a major role in providing effective production solution for the industrial sector. At ANI Engineers, we swear by the belief of efficiency that gets in our endeavor to produce world class Rotary Gear Pumps for effective pumping and transfers of all kinds of viscous liquids, oils, corrosive chemicals and petroleum products. With application in cross section of industries like pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, dyeing and printing houses, paint industry, food and beverages�ANI engineers are all gearing up to be a global player in the world of ROTARY GEAR PUMPS.

Brainchild of an engineer who was driven by a vision to build a company through teamwork, efficiency and innovation�a decade later the company has grown manifold to become pioneers in ROTARY GEAR PUMPS manufacturer. Initially the aim of the company was to develop quality positive displacement pumps�but slowly looking at the industrial demand of the rotary gear pumps�the company started manufacturing the same.

What began in 1995, as a partnership firm, by experienced engineers�ANI Engineers has come a long way to emerge an icon of quality in their respective segment. The partners had 15 years of relevant experience in the field of design, development, manufacturing of Rotary Gear Pumps.

Today ANI Engineers is passing through the trajectory of rapid growth rate since its inception. Providing quality assurance and amazing service inclination has helped ANI Engineers to establish goodwill among its buyers and distributors.

Currently the company has earned a nicely Rotary Gear Pumps with bagging great business; the company has earned a good rapport in the Indian market and industries. Growing organically at 15 per cent annually, with the established nationwide dealer network for appropriate sales and services�the company is all set for a stupendous growth in the years to come.